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I am so glad that I didn’t try for the 365 project.  This week like that for many active teachers has been hectic and so the thought of finding time to post 7 resources fills me with dread.  So here at the end of the week is my second resource.

I was privileged this week to be able to spend some time with our next generation of science teachers from Hallam Secondary Science Teaching course. With a colleague we presented a range of simple teaching activities that from experience engage students and enhance their learning. Thank you to all the students who attended and were so enthusiastic.  The whole evening took me back to my own training at Homerton College and how fortunate I was to meet some wonderful tutors. The marvellous Elaine Wilson who was the inspiration for me becoming a teacher and Dr Derek Johnson my tutor.  It was Derek who instilled in me the value of both practical work and also the importance of understanding how children learn science.

The wonderful Children’s Learning in Science project was the cornerstone of this.  We were encouraged to use this to direct our planning.  To read and understand how children learned the particular topic we were teaching and what were going to be the likely problems and issues.  In a recent #ASEchat we discussed the teaching of Electricity and someone posted a link to a paper from the late Ros Driver and another from the Leeds Education department.  I was struck how, despite that is over 25 years since CLIS started, the findings and ideas are still relevant and should be read by everyone starting to teach science.  So here they are, a touch of nostalgia and a back to basics reminder of the importance of how sound theory and evidence based research can help all our teaching.

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