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This post is to promote Twitter.  If you are reading this blog its possible you are already one Twitter and that’s how you found it.  However I hope some people will find this blog in different ways.  Twitter is fast becoming the single most useful tool in social media for my professional career.  It is a great way of being alerted to and sharing all kinds of resources and information.  Need to know how to teach a topic, the safety issues on a practical, a worksheet for a lesson, the latest Gove announcement? Then get on Twitter.  Not convinced? Here’s a list of articles and guide to getting on line with Twitter. Only one of them is written by me.

Creative Education Guide to twitter.

Article in the ASE’s Education in Science.

Clever fiends guide to twitter.

With twitter the trick is to have a good balance of people you are following.  Think of it like subscribing to a number of newspapers and journals.  If you have a good range of reading you get to know about a good range of information.  Twitter is exactly the same so all three articles have lists of teachers and educationalists to follow. If by chance you want to follow me @agittner is my twitter username.  Remember to use hastags;

#ASEchat (is a good one for science education; the summaries can be found here)

#ukedchat (is another weekly chat on all things education)


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