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I used the old one a lot for year 8 and 9 space. So its only right that I add the new version.

This is Eric Idle’s scientifically up dated Universe song


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In what has been an epic weekend for interesting articles, I find myself with 22 open tabs in Chrome with loads of articles that I have skimmed but need to follow up later. So I have decided to resurrect the blog instead of favoriting them. As much as I like favorites in Chrome or IE I often forget from the name why I actually saved the URL in the first place.
A really useful page full of really useful resources and thinking from the great @HThompson1982

An article on the “Teen Brain” part of my reading for a course I am delivering this week in London

Fascinating lecture on brain imaging (more background research)



Another interesting article from the always interesting @fullonlearning

One for later; always worth a listen but maybe not this weekend; Ken Robinson with more on creativity in the classroom

Whilst watching the Olympic cycling and hearing about the idea that the “Sum of marginal gains” has a collectively larger effect, I was struck about how this might be of use for schools. I wasn’t the only one!! and now there is a web-site to pull these ideas together.

A couple of articles about how to use marking effectively

One that speaks for itself; 10 Characteristics of effective learning environments

And finally an article from the Independent on how poor School League tables are as a predictive tool for future student success.

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