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I have decided that my ideal job would be something where I could just read all day. Having a holiday, where my wife has had to go back to school as her Easter holiday and mine only partly overlaps,  has given me time to catch up on some reading. It also means that I can go back through certain favourited tweets from my PLN, and then of course up date my blog.

So a random selection of recent reading;-
A timely reminder from @DrDav regarding the now defunct National Strategy materials. These can be found on the national archive e-library among other places. Here is a link to pages with information on longer written answers and key questions in science.

Fave scientist

This  next one could be useful as starter materials when discussing scientists, the history of science, careers in science and whole mess of suggestions.  Its from the Nottingham Trent University and has links to a number of short videos of their scientists describing their favourite scientist, why they chose them and a summary of what they did.

Evidenced based policy making is something I have been talking about for a while as anyone who knows me will testify.  With recent articles by Ben Goldacre and with the seminal work by John Hattie (visible learning) being two more famous proponents.


This article is a useful starting point as it reviews the current thinking on the evidence behind some of the familiar revision strategies.  (These therefore are the ones that are likely to work and make a difference!)


The next one is for teachers themselves, its a good little article from the ever improving Guardian’s web-site’s  education section.  This one is advice on work like balance.



I recently read a book calling Making it all Work by David Allenwork, he is a self-help guru and has written a number of best -selling books which basically centre around getting into the habit of creating, referring to and using detailed “To do” lists.  this seems to work as well as anything and does help those of us with memories that are failing.  However he more importantly makes the point of greater relevance to teachers I fear, that for busy professionals there often is no separation between work and life, nor should there be.  For successful people they have a life, some of it involves doing work and some of it is doing things with our families, doing our hobbies, playing sport, DIY etc.  We often enjoy all parts of our life equally but just need to get it all done.  By including in your to do lists thing that are not just work it helps fit everything in.  My wife and friends will tell you that I live and breathe education and science so this kind of makes sense to me.




For a while I have been tinkering with SOLO. Structure of observed learning outcomes is a way of getting students to think about their learning and producing responses of increasing complexity.  This is a cute introductory video using my favourite toy; Lego.


That’s the first lot, there will be more.


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