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Its amazing what a holiday can do.

So here are some more resources;-

Sound advice on the traits of being a good teacher from Tom Sherrington who tweets under the name @Headguruteacher. one of the regular contributors to #SLTchat and one of the growing headteachers who are using twitter to share and discuss good practice.  Look through his other posts for more sound reflections on school leadership and further good advice.

RI channel

The next link is to the Royal Institutes video channel on YouTube.  I particularly liked the one on limestone and calcium carbonate.  Many of them are done by Peter Wothers who did the wonderful 2012 Christmas Lectures.  Some useful and informative clips that might find a place in your lesson.

Manchester Science





Now a link more aimed at primary science.  Manchester University has created some very useful animations that cover a range of science topics for KS2.  I like the microbes one and could even see me using it for KS3 in the introductory lesson.  Each resource has an introduction which often includes an interview with a real scientist from the university before some straightforward visually interesting animations on each topic.



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