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Take Away menu side 2I’ve been using this with my GCSE Chemists. This is a good group with many self-motivated students.Using this sort of homework where they have the choice has enabled some of them to produce truly wonderful pieces of work. Work that they would have grumbled about if I had set it as something that had to be done. It is working less well with the middle ability who on the whole try to choose the easiest ones. Getting some of the less motivated students to produce work of the level of challenge required has also been a challenge.


Take Away menu side 1
What I really like about this type of homework is its ability to save me time and work load. I set these up at the start of term and it produced good quality homework without me having to think about it each week. When we did a student voice survey on homework many students said they like choice and also homeworks that are directly related to the classwork and going over it again. This helps with this no end. I also set other specific homeworks on some weeks where there is something specific I want them to learn. (For example I am helping them learn to use flashcards for revision)

I will be re-launching it with this new revised menu. I’ll let you know how we get on.


Below is a pdf version, contact me through twitter @agittner if you would like an editable version.

Chemistry homework menu version 2


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  1. Glad yo are enjoying it. I find it a really easy way to set homework and I have got quite a few of my students into doing extra work and making projects. Some go beyond just the menu sheet and do their own practicals at home – I am using it with Year 7 at the moment and produce a new sheet for each topic.

    It is good to know that you are having success with GCSE too. I want have a think about how it could work with 6th form when we start the new specifications next academic year. I am looking at the 5-day-day work of Daria Kolhs and wondering if I can create something.

    Something that I didn’t think about, but I really like that yours looks like a menu! I think that I will do that with the next ones I make!

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